Friday, April 6, 2012

Duel Decks - Venser

Here is the other half of Venser vs. Koth. I hadn't posted his finished art yet. Underneath the finished art is a link to a video following the artwork from start to finish. The environment and most of his pose were laid out pretty quickly in this one. What took me a while was figuring out how to get his arms and magic effect to work within the constraints of Planeswalker art. Since these characters get cut out of their background pretty often, it made an all encompassing magic effect awkward. I toyed around with having his hood up as well.

Follow the link below for hi-res start to finish video of Venser:


  1. Very nice! Thank you for sharing your process video for this piece.

  2. His face was all out of your mind? You're really amazing with faces. My favorite Planeswalker card, artwork-wise.