Thursday, May 24, 2012

Resurrection (End of Nations)

I have been working on a bunch of character designs for a game called End of Nations. The artwork has been functioning as both character concept art and well as final illustrations for marketing. They will probably be used in-game as well in some way. As usual I have an idea of how I want a character to look in my head but I don't have access to any models that look anything like it. Oh well. Actually this photoshoot went surprisingly well. As a result it was painted pretty fast in comparison to the others. The model's face might not have matched that closely but he had more muscle definition and a darker skin tone than myself which was really helpful. When it comes to faces, a lot of the time I feel like I am sculpting. Slowly pushing features around until I get the desired result. I try to remind myself to avoid getting into a trial and error mode though. That can drain a lot of time. The model happened to have a military background so he had the exact style of pants and boots that this character was going to be wearing. That was a bonus I wasn't expecting.


  1. Fantastic, he is one of my favorite!

    1. I hope that you can share more of the process behind the EON illustrations too. I am sharing this with the team.

  2. Hey Kian! Thanks. Who should I post next.. got any requests? :)

    To any onlookers... Kian came up with the initial head and shoulders concept for Resurrection. I wish I had mentioned that earlier.

  3. He's the same model you used for Mirran Crusader isn't he?